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Pharmista Technologies: Winner of Game Changer in region south 2022

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Pharmista Technologies: Winner of Game Changer in region south 2022

Pharmista Technologies are on a mission to revolutionize the pregnancy testing market by developing a reusable pregnancy test. This will contribute to reducing women's expenses on their reproductive health, increase convenience-levels and reduce the usage of disposable plastic products. At Venture Cup's regional final in region south, Pharmista Technologies won Game Changer, 50 000 SEK and also a spot in the National Final in October.

To get information about the most significant event in a person's life, women have turned to the pregnancy test for decades, making the product the most widely used diagnostic home test in the world. Despite this, the market has not experienced any major changes since the first home test was introduced on the market 40 years ago, where available tests are either expensive per use, have poor quality or are bad for the environment (except that it is a disposable product). This leads to many needs not being met, where Pharmista Technologies with their product will provide customers with a user-friendly, sustainable and affordable test that meets both their and the environment's needs in a better way. 

- "Initially, our product connects to three separate societal trends - femtech, sustainability and diagnostics. All these markets have had a huge impact in recent times, which makes Pharmista a unique company that is right on time. Furthermore, our idea is based on an innovative technology that in the long term has the potential to be widely applied in the diagnostics industry. There is thus a height of innovation linked to what we develop, which is why we have succeeded in obtaining a patent for the technology in Sweden and will as soon as possible submit a PCT application to secure our IP globally." Says Alice Mattsson.

Because the pregnancy test is similar to a thermometer, Alice had the preconceived notion that it would be possible to reuse. But after a closer analysis of the market, she realized that there were only one-time tests available, which struck Alice as strange. After receiving input on the idea from nearly 1000 women, where many, like Alice, were amazed that such a test does not already exist, she decided to invest wholeheartedly in developing a reusable test on her own. 

- "In a few years I see that Pharmista has entered into a partnership with a larger organization that has the experience and distribution network required to reach out with the product on a global level. We already have dialogues with potential partners." Says Alice Mattsson. 

At Venture Cup's regional final in the south region, Pharmista Technologies won Game Changer and 50 000 SEK, which means that they directly qualifies to the National Final in October.

Award: Game Changer Venture Cup south

Idea: Pharmista Technologies 

Team: Alice Mattsson & Robert Porter



Venture Cup är tävlingen för morgondagens entreprenörer som kopplar ihop experter från näringslivet med framtidens entreprenörer och erbjuder en process för alla som bär på en idé. Venture Cup erbjuder inspiration, utbildning, handledning samt möjligheten till att skapa sig ett gediget nätverk. Venture Cup grundades 1998 på initiativ av McKinsey & Company i samarbete med Chalmers Universitet, Göteborgs Universitet och Innovationsbron. Venture Cup stöds av Sveriges alla stora universitet och drivs i partnerskap med den privata och offentliga sektorn. Sedan starten 1998 har mer än 17 000 affärsidéer tävlat och cirka 30 procent av idéerna har blivit affärer. Läs mer på www.venturecup.se


Joakim Johannesson

Joakim Johannesson

Presskontakt Marketing Manager Nationellt 073 143 25 01
Therese Olsson

Therese Olsson

Presskontakt VD/CEO Nationellt 076 895 87 13

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