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Quiqly: The winner of "Best Traction" 2022 in the south region
Quiqly: The winner of "Best Traction" 2022 in the south region

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Quiqly: Winner of Best Traction in region south 2022

Quiqly has developed a unique technology that analyzes data and generates new leads for companies, thus Quiqly help their customers reach new consumers they don't reach today. At Venture Cup's regional final in the south region, Quiqly won Best Traction, 50 000 SEK and also a spot in the National Final in October. 

On the market, where Quiqly operate, companies have the ambition to reach a larger target group than they reach today. The problem is that they doesn't meet the needs of the consumer. Quiqly helps these to understand their consumers, generate new leads and there through convert them into long-term customers. 

Companies can through Quiqly's self-developed plug-in identify how different customer groups can be reached in a more efficient way. Quiqly's business concept is to help companies understand potential customers unsatisfied needs, generate new leads and thereby convert these to long-term customers.

- "From the conversations we've had with consumers, we have understood that there is a strong "have-desire"after our product. However, the players operating in this market have not listened to theirs customer needs. We believe that we have been appointed when we on a unique way bring together needs of these actors and consumers." Says the team.

The team also competed in Venture Cup IDEA 2021 and was awarded as one of the top-20 in the south region. The interest in Quiqly's technology is high and the team sees a bright future. 

- "As we today have several stakeholders such as customers and investors, we see ourselves as having grown big market shares in our niche." Says the team. 

At Venture Cup's regional final in the south region, Quiqly won Best Traction and 50 000 SEK, which means that they directly qualifies to the National Final in October.

Award: Best Traction Venture Cup South

Idea: Quiqly

Team: Marcus Öhrner & Carl Johansson



Venture Cup är tävlingen för morgondagens entreprenörer som kopplar ihop experter från näringslivet med framtidens entreprenörer och erbjuder en process för alla som bär på en idé. Venture Cup erbjuder inspiration, utbildning, handledning samt möjligheten till att skapa sig ett gediget nätverk. Venture Cup grundades 1998 på initiativ av McKinsey & Company i samarbete med Chalmers Universitet, Göteborgs Universitet och Innovationsbron. Venture Cup stöds av Sveriges alla stora universitet och drivs i partnerskap med den privata och offentliga sektorn. Sedan starten 1998 har mer än 17 000 affärsidéer tävlat och cirka 30 procent av idéerna har blivit affärer. Läs mer på www.venturecup.se


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Alexandra Björk

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Alexandra Strömberg

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