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Norbite: The winner of "Game Changer" 2022 in the east region
Norbite: The winner of "Game Changer" 2022 in the east region

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Norbite: The winner of Game Changer 2022 in the east region

Norbite has developed a disruptive approach towards end-of-life polymeric materials for which there is no viable re-use or recycling solutions. Based on one specific insect, Galleria mellonella, the developed scalable process enables the insects to digest and transform plastics into proteins, lipids and biofertilizers. At Venture Cup's regional final in the east region, Norbite won "Game Changer", 50 000 SEK and also a spot in the national final in October. 

Instead of disposal or incineration, the conventional end-of-life scenario in a linear plastic value chain, Norbite has developed the technological and commercial foundations to allow residual polymeric materials e.g, packaging, textile, furniture, to be utilized as a food source for G. mellonella. As the larvae of the insect are refined for multiple high-value products, aimed to food & feed, and organic farming applications; the utilization of plastic waste in this way gives it the opportunity to re-enter the economy. The insect’s transformation capabilities mean the elimination of residual products in the plastic industry through their conversion into input material for another value-creating one i.e. industry symbiosis.

- "I was always fascinated by the treasures of nature. Nature is always about equilibrium, the leftovers of one species are consumed by another one, and another one,...so there is no waste accumulation and no deficit creation.As humans, we are not always as efficient, for example, we are accumulating huge amounts of plastic waste.Therefore, the idea was to mimic natural approach of handling of similar materials to regain sustainability and circularity." Says Nathalie Berezina. 

The team have the future carefully planned. 2022-2023 is the pilot stage where the main milestones to be achieved during this period are: automatization and pilot scale-up of technology, establishment of commercial partnerships with customers from both upstream and downstream, increasing of the core team to 15 people around four main pillars (R&D, Industrialization, Business Development and Finances), with hiring of key executives (CIO, CCO, CFO) for these different fields.

- "2025-2027 is the commercialization stage where the milestones to be achived during this period are: building and operation of a commercial unit running 24/7 and transforming 60 000 t/y of plastic waste, GMP+ certification and diversification of products' portfolio". Says the team.

At Venture Cup's regional final in the east region, Norbite won "Game Changer" and 50 000 SEK, which means that they directly qualifies to the National Final in October.

Pris: Game Changer Venture Cup east

Idé: Norbite

Team: Nathalie Berezina and Maxim Chapovalov




Venture Cup är tävlingen för morgondagens entreprenörer som kopplar ihop experter från näringslivet med framtidens entreprenörer och erbjuder en process för alla som bär på en idé. Venture Cup erbjuder inspiration, utbildning, handledning samt möjligheten till att skapa sig ett gediget nätverk. Venture Cup grundades 1998 på initiativ av McKinsey & Company i samarbete med Chalmers Universitet, Göteborgs Universitet och Innovationsbron. Venture Cup stöds av Sveriges alla stora universitet och drivs i partnerskap med den privata och offentliga sektorn. Sedan starten 1998 har mer än 17 000 affärsidéer tävlat och cirka 30 procent av idéerna har blivit affärer. Läs mer på www.venturecup.se


Joakim Johannesson

Joakim Johannesson

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Therese Olsson

Therese Olsson

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